Do you prefer the ACT or SAT for admission?

Standardized Test Scores

All freshman applicants to Ohio University are required to submit either ACT or SAT test scores to Undergraduate Admissions.  Scores should be sent directly by the testing agency when possible. Ohio University does not prefer one test over the other; either test can be submitted for admission and scholarship consideration.

Students taking the ACT are strongly encouraged, though not required, to take the writing portion of the test. However, neither the writing portion of the SAT nor the ACT writing score will be used in admission or scholarship consideration.

Students may submit test scores from multiple test dates. For students submitting more than one ACT or SAT score, Ohio University will use the highest composite ACT or the highest combined math and critical reading scores for both in application review and in scholarship consideration.

Transfer applicants must submit ACT or SAT scores if they have completed less than 30 quarter or 20 semester hours of academic college work.

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